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Once upon a time, orthopedic footwear consisted of clunky, ugly shoes that most people would be embarrassed to wear. In recent years, though, fashion has slowly caught up with orthopedic footwear, making it much more presentable. However, orthopedic footwear still generally costs more than its non-orthopedic counterparts. Our custom-molded orthotics, allow you to turn any shoe, sneaker or sandal of your choice into orthopedic footwear. Unlike many popular shoe inserts sold in drug and discount stores, which are little more than glorified padding, our custom-molded orthotics are designed and constructed to evenly distribute your weight over your foot, which tends to greatly ease foot pain.

Research shows that the majority of foot problems can be directly connected to skeletal imbalance. Most people tend to have some amount of either hyper-pronation (flat feet) or hyper-supination (high arches). The presence of these conditions can cause the foot to be unstable during normal everyday activity. Orthotics can improve function in the foot by compensating for existing imbalances and in most cases can restore balance, improve sports performance, and relieve foot fatigue.

Custom-molded orthotics a real godsend for many foot pain sufferers. Custom-molded orthotics are actually designed by Dr. Isaacs, and deliver a host of benefits including strengthening your heels and ankles, distributing your weight evenly over your foot, and protecting your feet, legs and even your spine from the shock of walking or running. In short, custom-molded orthotics dramatically reduces your foot pain. What's more, their unique design is molded into the exact shape of your feet.

Please take your feet seriously when it comes to problems with foot pain. Custom-molded orthotics aren't just little cushions for the feet, they provide a biomechanical realignment of the foot to its correct position, thus allowing normal, proper gait and movement. They are designed to help relieve and prevent ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. “Give foot pain the boot.”

Custom-molded orthotics can be used to:

  • treat pain on all areas of the foot including heel and arch pain,
  • reduce the number of diabetic ulcers, pressure sores and calluses,
  • alleviate arthritis pain,
  • correct abnormal foot functions,
  • prevent sports injuries,
  • slow the progression of bunions and hammertoes
  • treat children’s foot issues as well as adults.

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